François Arias

Alors arrachez les barbelés qui limitent vos cœurs, c'est eux qui vous font le plus mal !!! Et lâchez au moins un "je t'aime" chaque jour, cela ne vous videra pas le cœur !

Nature sculptor artist
“continuous lines drawn in space”
His work is situated between Art Brut and poor art.
Since 2000, his graphic sculptures in simple and continuous wire, twisted by hand without tools or soldering, are composed of iron or copper wire, often oxidized or rusted, and sometimes stainless steel or barbed wire. They are moving parts, or rather stable, often representing animals: dogs, cats, purebred dogs, ducks, flamingos or other birds, hedgehogs, mice and bats, but also sheep, cows or antelopes in real size. or even giraffes. and elephant that exceed 2m high. their stability is ensured on the ground by rough stones or pebbles.

François Arias

Mobile wire and strapping sculpture

Other more varied and less numerous pieces, among which we must distinguish “the Talking Trees”, come to decorate my menagerie of words.
“I am a fervent supporter of the exclusion of the intervention of intelligence, that is to say of philosophy and logic in the manifestations of art.
Art must be based on sincerity of emotion and spontaneity of expression: both are directly linked to life which they strive to magnify aesthetically ”, explains Apollinair.



So tear off the barbed wire that limits your hearts, it is they that hurt you the most !!!
And let go of at least one “I love you” every day, it won’t take your heart out!

True Poet of Art!


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