Jean-Raymond Meunier

We met each other a dozen years ago at a contemporary art show in Valbonne…
and since Jean Raymond Meunier exhibits his ceramics and painting at the gallery.
A wonderful friendship was born and we spent our time laughing and making fun of each other with such freedom and humor.
Philosopher in a world of comics books with cartoon figures and however letting emotion through. An art genius!

Jean-Raymond Meunier

Sculptor and Painter

Jean Raymond with his malicious glance, captures his characters with an overdose full of love.
Everyone they meet becomes his model and makes us think of a friend, a relative, a neighbor….His artistic universe is unique!

Is all Meunier… beautiful in his soul, beautiful in art, beautiful in life. Trully Artist. Modesty and Heart !
Thank you Jean-Raymond

He is particularly interested in the ordinariness of life, in love, in lost time, but also in boredom, in work..everything based on our daily life.


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