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Yagor, whose real name is Yao Romaric Igor is a contemporary artist of the Abidjan scene whose style is at the crossroads of several influences:
abstract art, brut art, symbolic art, singular art and realism.

Artist Yagor portrays difficult human conditions.
He creates paintings from metal plaques, receipts, invoices, newspaper, bags of rice or cement … and many other everyday objects that have already been used.
All engraved by scientific formulas, tags and graffiti, modes of expression of a certain class of young people in the cities who make their art unique.

It even appears that in front of a painting, the work speaks to us silently in all its power of autonomy as if the words passed into the work and the work passed into the words.

“The painting sometimes takes the form of a visual poem”

Yagor Yahaut


Yagor Yahaut


This mental path Yanous puts in total immersion in the work, by the fantastic imagination of shapes and colors and a force whose interior interpretation will depend on each according to his sensitivity

“The painting sometimes takes the form of a visual poem”

Yagor Yahaut


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